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Les Galets - Pâtisserie Orientale Raffinée

Long Island Pulse Magazine (NY, NY)

Publié le January 25, 2015

Luxe List 2015

What defines luxury? It’s a question with many answers. Luxury can be the feel of a hand turned leather boot, the look of a couture cocktail dress or the smell of a rare book, spirit or tobacco… It can be the sensations provoked by an incomparable wine or the glow you feel when savoring a breathtaking view...

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Detroit Times (Detroit, Michigan)

Publié le December 18, 2014

Good Stuff

One good sweet

I have just sampled the perfect hostess or holiday sweet: Gourmet, handcrafted pastries from the famed Montreal pastry shop, "Les Galets," which are now available on patisserielesgalets.com. Made of natural ingredients, including pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts...

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New York Smash Magazine

Publié le December 16, 2014

5 Delicious Holiday Gifts For Foodies

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a challenge, but if you’re lucky enough to have a true foodie in your life, shopping can be a piece of cake. Often, the way to a foodie’s heart is, well, food. So, just wrap up a mouthwatering treat in a festive package, and you’ve got a holiday gift made in foodie heaven. We’ve compiled a list of five holiday gifts a foodie would love:

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Gulf Times (Doha, Qatar)

Publié le December 02, 2014

Sweet delights from Tunisia

Tunis-based outlet Les Galets allows you to order fresh and delectable pastries online, and delivers them right here in Doha. By Umer Nangiana

Are you tempted by escaping your daily routine for a brief moment in time?

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